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New EP from Shad and Skratch Bastid

As a result of a collab from Shad's upcoming LP comes this 5 track EP, The Spring Up. If that wasn't dope enough, it features DJ Jazzy Jeff and Cadence Weapon. And if that wasn't ill enough still, it's FREE! Click here.

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New EP from The Runaway!

This project, The Saturday Sonrise EP, is The Runaway's best work so far. Entirely produced by S1. With features by Ruslan & Beleaf of theBREAX, Manchild of Mars ILL, Elias from Scribbling Idiots, Lady Blaise, Relic, Die-Rek, Sean Prominent, ILL Seer of Delegates of Culture, Sean P, Clutch, Soul Natural, Just Issac & reSEARCH. Free to download (or pay what you want), check out this album and tell your friends!

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“Peace” by Shad

New track from Shad. It’s a new, unmixed, one-off demo, but enjoy. Produced by Canada's own Skratch Bastid. Peace.

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The Runaway releasing a new EP in May

The Runaway is back with his latest release, Saturday Sonrise, a hip-hop collaborations project that is built like a 70s soul record. But the artist, known for infusing spoken word, folk and soul influences into his music, believes this is more than a soul record, it is soul refreshing. Produced by S1 (Strange Fruit Project), Saturday Sonrise sees The Runaway collaborating with several artists, all around one central theme - Saturday.

"While Sundays are often seen as the conventionally 'spiritual' day, I find Saturdays to be a great day to connect with God - whether it's spending time with family, to performing music, to chillin’ with the homies. The day can be so spiritually refreshing and a reminder of the God's desire for relationship with us."

The project utilizes a recording method similar to classic soul records, with variety of mics and an emphasis on 'one take' recordings to capture a feeling over an extremely polished sound.

Set to release on Friday, May 24, the 8-track project contains 14 features including theBREAX, Manchild, Relic, Elias & Die-Rek. So on May 24, thank God it’s Friday, grab the loved ones, and get ready for a Saturday Sonrise.

1) Saturday Sonrise feat. Ruslan & Beleaf of theBREAX
2) We Make Saturday Night Come Alive! feat. Manchild of Mars ILL
3) Call to Me feat. Lady Blaise & Elias
4) Tonight's the Night feat. Relic, Die-Rek & Sean Prominent
5) Day of Rest feat. ILL Seer & DJ Sean P
6) Grow Stronger feat. Clutch & Soul Natural
7) Real Woman feat. Just Isaac & reSEARCH
8) You Deserve

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Video: The Runaway live in Kitchener, ON

In April 2013, The Runaway took the stage at Queen’s Commons (Kitchener, ON) to play some tunes from his folk-hop EP Inspired. Here's The Runaway with Jon Moore on guitar and Jon Gortson on percussion – enjoy.

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Music Video: Bizzle – Dear Hip-Hop

As usual, Bizzle brings real talk. This is very moving. Share & discuss.

Bizzle's new record "The Good Fight" drops April 23

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“Freestyle Companion” by Clutch x DJ Aslan

While KOTD highlights the art of rhyming with its a cappella battles, there is something to be said about being able to freestyle off the top with a beat underneath. The way the music moves an emcee and how s/he has to spit within the structure of the beat is a skill that needs to constantly be practiced. Thus, Clutch, a producer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada created 'Freestyle Companion'. Mixed by DJ Aslan, this project of various beats allows you to test your mettle and progress your talent. So whether you are a veteran to someone who wants to start rapping, for the cyphers, the battles, and the showcases, Prophetic Poetic is proud to release this project to you. Click here to get it. Enjoy.

Freestyle Companion by Clutch x Dj Aslan


ICYMI: Lecrae – Mayday (Music Video)

In case you missed it, here are the visuals for the incredibly powerful song "Mayday" by Lecrae, featuring Big K.R.I.T. and Ashton Jones. Peep the vulnerability in K.R.I.T.'s verse, which is then encouraged and mirrored by Lecrae. This is a great example of how to be a light to the world. Well done.

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Sean Prominent – Special Way (Music Video)

Sean Prominent always brings love, as evidence by his last EP The Love Spectacle. Here's a new track "Special Way" produced by Royce Birth. Here's a banging quote you'll see in the video:

"A man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been born and raised in the arms of a queen"

Seanny is always dropping knowledge. Enjoy.


ICYMI: Arrested Development – “Living” (Music Video)

"Every day I rise on a mission..."

We'll let Speech set the record straight - Arrested Development makes it clear that they are not bound or defined by their previous success. Enjoy the track and be inspired!

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