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The Runaway: Round Two Instrumentals

The Runaway and Prophetic Poetic are proud to announce the release of The Runaway's new EP, Round Two. Following his debut project, A Brief Word, Round Two is another attempt at sparking conversation through intelligent and honest hip-hop music. This round focuses on the theme of love - love for hip-hop music, the listening audience, holistic romantic love as well as social justice. Round Two features production from Theory Hazit & Reflex of the Scribbling Idiots and guest spots from Braille, Shad, Sivion, Relic and more. And, with a unique twist, all money from record sales will be donated to UrbanEx, a budding social advocacy organization which has been producing some exciting results. We hope you will be excited as well with this dynamic musical endeavor. Round Two instrumentals

Round Two will be launched in conjunction with the indie music website Pay What You Want Online and their Music Without Borders Campaign in 2010. Their kickoff concert will be held at the Hard Rock Cafe in Toronto, Ontario on January 23, 2010. This will also mark the rebranding of the website into a social enterprise. From there, the EP will be available on January 26, 2010 at digital outlets Pay What You Want, Sphere of Hip-Hop and Bandcamp, as well as limited edition CD and book featuring lyrics from Round Two, A Brief Word and The Runaway Speaks, The Runaway's demo CD from 2005. Again, all money will be donated to UrbanEx.

In preparation for the release, Prophetic Poetic is releasing the instrumentals from the project for the listener's ear on Dec. 18, 2009.

Click here for the instrumentals and further links about this exciting new release.

The Runaway

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