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“Nectar” – music video from Ill Seer!

Ill Breaks Crew: What is the song about and why did you want to address it?

Ill Seer: The song is basically about feeling distant from God, being ready for a fight, feeling two sides of myself ripping me in two, and then realizing how crappy and undeserving i am, and how wonderfully Kind God is to me as such a belligerent servant.

Ill Breaks Crew: How did the video come about and what is the concept?

Ill Seer: The video came about because Darryl Augustine is an amazing Director, Photographer, and Editor and wanted to do something to get the word out about our "Fruit of the Spirit" sermon series at FreeChurch Toronto. He and our Associate Pastor, Kevin Makins, got together 9 artists to meditate on each of the qualities listed as the Fruit of the Spirit, and the rest is amazing history. This particular video was for KINDNESS, and it was a bit of a hiphop monk vibe we were aiming for, to show a pastor struggling in prayer and receiving the Kindest gift of the Ressurector's Nectar.

Ill Breaks Crew: Anything to do with how your faith comes through these.

Ill Seer: I think this shows that even as a pastor your faith is a struggle. How you sometimes lash out at God or feel stressed, but in the midst of it all God is showing you is Unhuman Kindness level. He is showing us the most crazy forms of Kindness without us even realizing it until we return to meditating on Jesus.

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