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Video + Interview: The Runaway Freestyle

The Runaway @ The Hard Rock Cafe on Jan. 2010 - Freestyles ft. Ill Seer & Soul Natural

Ill Breaks Crew asked The Runaway for some behind-the-scenes insights and thoughts about this show and performing in general. Here's what he shared:

"This was shot at the Hard Rock Café in Toronto. The show was the kick off for a cool new Canadian indie music website called Pay What You Want.

At my shows, I really like to provide a diverse experience. We do the beats & rhymes, a DJ (when we can grab one), (my hype man) Showtime pulls out a guitar, and my cousin Lady Blaise brings the vocals. I really like to have a community feel – with many people on stage getting their shine.

On this night, two very good homies from WAY back were in Toronto to share in the celebration, so of course we had to do it like we did back then. During my days at Wilfrid Laurier (2001-2005), ILL Seer & Soul Natural (along with Shad and Mere Mortal) used to regularly freestyle and fellowship. When we first got together, I had a campus radio show and I would be the DJ. Eventually I began rhyming too and their encouragement inspired me to develop my skills as an emcee.

From that crew, most people recognize Shad’s name for his career with Black Box Recordings. In a cipher, Shad would sharpen EVERYBODY. However, I would credit Soul Natural as a greater influence. This dude lived to express himself and would always encourage me to freestyle regardless of how I was feeling. He is tireless in his approach and that often motivated me.  So, that night it was an honour to freestyle with such gifted wordsmiths and feel like I could hang. When I watch the video, my mind’s eye sees that cat from 8 or 9 years ago who was just getting started. But I am so thankful that I have kept going because the community spirit of the cipher session has never left, and it fills me with joy each time I get to commune with someone.

Shouts to ILL Seer (who let me hype for him while I was getting my performance legs), Qu-C (my brother who made all the beats) and Youngdo for filming (and being a good all around dude)."

(For more freestyles from The Runaway, ILL Seer, Shad & Soul Natural, check out the free Prophetic Poetic release called "Off The Top". Download it by clicking here.)

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