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We asked Cyril Gurette, an emcee by the name of ILL Seer, head of the hip-hop record label Prophetic Poetic, theology professor, family man, pastor of Free Church Toronto, and Ph. D. candidate, what Psalmbombing is.

"PsalmBombing is the art of doxological freestyle, both vocals and music spontaneously forged in the fusion of heart and mind in prayer. PsalmBombing events are musical prayer events held to tap into extemporaneous heartfelt versery as a new form of worship.

Prophetic Poetic Aleatoric Rhetoric has existed from ancient times, as seen by King Saul’s encounter with the prophets, Elisha’s improvisation of prophecy on the harp, and King David’s cultic cultural revolution which designated prophets to lead God’s people in extemporaneous worship accompanied by strings, drums, horns, and various vicarious instruments.

This is the voice of a new worship movement, focusing on stream of consciousness worship of the Creator of Consciousness, whether it be related to hiphop, rock, indy, punk, drum n bass, spoken word, or the plethora of other musical and poetic subcultures which can be tapped to help capture human praise of the Divine Mind and UniVerse-Starter’s Heart."

There is a Psalmbombing event coming up on Nov. 9th in Toronto. ILL Seer and FreeChurch Toronto are hosting it at St. Stephens-in-the-Fields, 103 Bellevue Avenue (College St. between Spadina and Bathurst) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Check it out.

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