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Isais | “So High Save Me”

Sorry it too so long, but it's finally here! Check out "So High Save Me" by Isais and the 411 below the video. Chyeah!

Let us introduce you to Isais. From a small town three hours north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A couple big influences in hip-hop are Sevin (from Hog Mob) and Joe Budden. Trying to be the best in everything he does, including in his music, he’s been making beats for about two years and rapping for one.

His upcoming project is called Chasing The Dream. In it, Isais has no problem talking about the struggles in life. He knows that freedom in Christ is a battle and that people need saving.

The first leak of the album is called “So High Save Me”, both written and produced by Isais. The song is “simply an expression of personal struggle and pain in everyday life because living for Jesus is never easy”. Thankfully he gets great support from family, church, and friends, who love him and encourage him.

Learn more about Isais from his Facebook page. Go to it by clicking here.

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