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“Freestyle Companion” by Clutch x DJ Aslan

While KOTD highlights the art of rhyming with its a cappella battles, there is something to be said about being able to freestyle off the top with a beat underneath. The way the music moves an emcee and how s/he has to spit within the structure of the beat is a skill that needs to constantly be practiced. Thus, Clutch, a producer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada created 'Freestyle Companion'. Mixed by DJ Aslan, this project of various beats allows you to test your mettle and progress your talent. So whether you are a veteran to someone who wants to start rapping, for the cyphers, the battles, and the showcases, Prophetic Poetic is proud to release this project to you. Click here to get it. Enjoy.

Freestyle Companion by Clutch x Dj Aslan

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