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“Freestyle Companion” by Clutch x DJ Aslan

While KOTD highlights the art of rhyming with its a cappella battles, there is something to be said about being able to freestyle off the top with a beat underneath. The way the music moves an emcee and how s/he has to spit within the structure of the beat is a skill that needs to constantly be practiced. Thus, Clutch, a producer from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada created 'Freestyle Companion'. Mixed by DJ Aslan, this project of various beats allows you to test your mettle and progress your talent. So whether you are a veteran to someone who wants to start rapping, for the cyphers, the battles, and the showcases, Prophetic Poetic is proud to release this project to you. Click here to get it. Enjoy.

Freestyle Companion by Clutch x Dj Aslan


New Clutch EP – Extended Play

Clutch is a producer, poet, emcee, radio host & community mentor based in Hamilton, ON, Canada. After a slew of mixtapes, radio shows, beat tapes & producing for others, Clutch is set to release his debut solo project, Extended Play. Extended Play is a highly diverse & engaging project that espouses honesty above all else. Clutch takes this examination to his community, his participation in the hip hop community, and ultimately his inner man.

Extended Play is produced by Clutch, featuring Sev Statik (Deepspace 5) and guest vocals from The Runaway. We at Prophetic Poetic are extremely proud to see this release come to fruition. Congratulations brother!


Prophetic Poetic SoundCloud Page

We've added a lot of classic Prophetic Poetic music to our soundcloud page at:

Here's a little taster:


New single from The Runaway!

The Runaway has released a new single and a remix by Clutch. Free to download. Enjoy. For more info, the a cappella versions, and lyrics, click here.


“Stained Glory” by Woodz

As an artist, Woodz represents honesty in a rap game and a faith too often characterized by fakery and self-flattery. In this light, Prophetic Poetic is proud to release his new single "Stained Glory" with its hauntingly hopeful chorus and hard-hitting verses. As a rapper who produces his own powerful beats, this first taste of his work sees music and lyricism combine in an emotional synthesis that transmits the struggle of a broken heart to believe despite the surrounding darkness. Check out the track and download it for free from the music player below. Enjoy.

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Clutch – ‘Cold Sweat: The Remix EP’

Cold Sweat: The Intro
Flawless (Funky Champ Remix) – Shad
Voice Of The People (Big Playback Remix) – The Runaway
Remember (Brazilian Groove Remix) – Die-Rek
Funky Parents Interlude
One Plus One (Driving Groove Remix) – Relic
So Long Ago (Steady Rock Remix) – The CDN Custodians

Prophetic Poetic presents ‘Cold Sweat: The Remix EP’ by Clutch by clicking here or the download link above.

There’s few new beatmakers in the indie conscious underground who are proving as Clutch as the man behind the boards bringing us ‘Cold Sweat: The Remix EP’. He’s already had a stint of hookups with cats like US heavyweights Sev Statik, Freddie Bruno, reSEARCH, Cas Metah, Wonder Brown, Ruffian, NomiS, Afaar, and Sintax.The.Terrific. With Cold Sweat, he brings us a remix project giving new funky musical interpretations to some of Canada’s dopest rhymes from Shad, Relic, The Runaway, Die-Rek, and his crew, The Custodians. With some freshly placed vocal samples and a healthy lack of fear of redoing classic vibes in a fresh sound, Clutch serves us up next-school hip-hop on the funk tip, making free music fun to be around again. Enjoy.

Check out more of Clutch: Bandcamp | Tumblr | Soundcloud | Twitter


L-E-S drops INTROspect

Local Scarborough, Ontario emcee and friend, L-E-S sent us at Prophetic Poetic a demo of his rhyming powerful subjects over some classic beats. We liked it so much we thought we'd share it as a free download to whet people's appetite as he begins to work on his debut project.

So we are proud to present the demo EP by the homie L-E-S. To download INTROspect, click here.

The songs can also be downloaded individually:

L-E-S - New Psalms (click here.)

L-E-S - Rocky Start (click here.)

L-E-S - Unconditional (click here.)


Coming soon…


Northern Lights – one year later

One year ago we released a compilation of dope Canadian (and honorary Canadians) hip-hop artists. With each artist donating tracks, we at Prophetic Poetic proudly presented: Northern Lights - a Canadian compilation. Click on the album cover to get the zip file. Enjoy and share this with others!


Ill Breaks Crew featuring Relic and DJ Sean P. | "Ill Breaks Crew Theme Song teaser"
Die-Rek | "Purpose"
The Custodians | "Roxic remix"
The Runaway | "Away We Go"
Qu-C | "Get Up instrumental"
Poetic Pilgrims | "Gravity Defiance"
ILL Seer & V.S. | "Nectar"
The Joe | "Wayward"
Thought P. | "Renew instrumental"
Promise featuring Grimace Love & Eternia | "Perfection Part 2"
N.I.F.T.Y. | "Heavy Laden"
Relic | "Don't Look Down"
Shad featuring Bernadette Kabango | "I'll Never Understand"
That Brotha Lokey | "At The End Of The Day instrumental"
Brotha SouL | "Seasons"

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New Single from Isais coming soon!

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