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ILL SEER – Urban Doxology: Brokenness

Much love to the work of @npegg for helping launch a new "Urban Doxology" series!

And a big thanks to for their support on this:


ILL Seer’s UrbanDoxology Trailer

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ILL Seer releases “Doxological Freestyles Vol. 1”

Language is Doxology. And so, this latest offering from award-nominated artist ILL SEER is not simply an album to be listened to, but prayed with. Ever since he presented a philosophic theology of prophetic poetic aleatoric rhetoric to the American Academy of Religion in 2003, Rev. Cyril Guérette has been a vocal proponent of the liturgical use of freestyle lyricism. Now, with a meditation mix from this pastor, professor, poet, author, and Delegates of Culture emcee, we have a concrete experiment in the art of psalmbombing/psalmbalming. These songs are public prayers recorded live from either the final benediction at the weekly service of FreeChurch Toronto, where he pastors, or the opening invocation to the theology and philosophy classes he teaches at Heritage Baptist College. Calling upon the musical ingenuity of DJ Clutch, the experimental beats which accompany these miscellaneous spontaneous extemporaneous orations are not extraneous but contemporaneous. As a result, Doxological Freestyles Vol. I contemplatively creates unique space for personal reflection and interaction, a true spiritual experience.

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27Mar/12 Exclusive Interview with ILL SEER

DJ Worship More of talks to Ill Seer about life, music, ministry and Doxological Freestyles:

Some great questions to get the conversation going about the intersection of art and prayer.

Make sure you check out their work with and the wide spectrum of music and sermons they help shed light on!

(Watch as one PP serves another...)



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Congrats to ILL Seer!

Congratulations to ILL Seer for reaching the 1 000 listeners marks on with 4 000 songplays. Check out the site here and look for a new release in the not too distant future.

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Cyril Guerette on 100 Huntley

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ILL Seer talkin’ about love

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TV Report on Psalmbombing!

For more info on  Cyril, Psalmbombing, and Free Church Toronto, click here.

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