"Quite simply the bomb. If this fails to satisfy you may as well give up trying to appreciate real hiphop and take up crochet or something. Secure your copy before they cost 50 quid on Ebay." - Undercover Magazine (Headcleaners.02)


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"The Ill Seer drops brilliant inspired lyrics and has performed with countless hip hop artists from around the world ..." - Xen Magazine

"Ill Seer's voice sounds angry, getting whatever is on his chest off. With some nice lyrical word play in there too. "
- RawRoots (F8)

"Omni-present in the underground scene ... invest." - Knowledge Mag (Headcleaners)

"Ill Seer is quite a complex rhymer ..." - UnderCover Magazine (F8)

"Underground superstars ... this is how it should be done" - Fatboss Mag (Headcleaners)

"F8 sees Hoodee's beat blessed with the vocal talents of Canadian mc "Ill Seer" from the Delegates of Culture. Seer displays a complex lyrical flow but has no problem fitting in over Hoodee's bass heavy beat construction. This is a nice track."
- Zulu Nation (F8)

"a quality record that will grow and grow on headz..." - Big Smoke (Resented)

"'F8' kicks things off with pure Edan/Necro - style sickness from Ill Seer (from the Delegates of Culture) - his flow getting more more and more hysterical as the bass-heavy drone builds the tension ..." - DJ Magazine (F8)

"the veteran delegates return ... 4/5"
- Muzik Magazine (Resented)